Saturday, September 03, 2005

Activities to do with younger children

Hi au pair friends,
I got some emails from fellow au pair friends about the activities they can do with the children. Most au pairs asking this question are looking after young children. Some of you mention that it is more fun to look after older children. This might be true for some au pairs.

I love young children especially babies. You may think there is not much to do with the babies. You can always do things with them even though they take long naps. Taking long walks (good exercise for the au pair) with the baby in the stroller is one of my favorites. Find a nice park and take long walks. Babies love it and fresh air is always good for the baby (the au pair of course too).

Take them shopping, especially grocery stores. Babies get very excited at the grocery stores. Different colors and lights make them really happy I think and people pay them attention! This is true for other shops and stores as well. Stroll along the shops, check the new trends in clothes (my favorite).

If you have a playplace (like some pizza stores do), take them there. They can meet other babies. Though some may be too young to play in the play area, they may find little friends and socialize with them. Au pair can make new friends with the mother/caregiver of the other babies/children. You can even meet other au pairs there!

I think it is a great idea to keep the baby (and au pair) active by going out of the house. You may even end up with a nice playgroup for the baby!

I hope this gives the au pair friends some ideas and help. Don't forget the babies are cute and fun to take care of!


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