Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My trip to the USA

I just wanted to share my recent trip to the USA with you. I thought it might be helpful to the au pairs who are planning to go to the USA. I went there for my summer vacation. I have never been in the USA even though I have many American friends in the Netherlands. I must say that it is a beautiful country first of all.

I have visited New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. I think these are the best cities for the tourists as my friends advised me. I'm very glad I chose to visit these cities.

I was certainly fascinated with New York city. It was not like any other city I have been to. Buildings were so tall sometimes that they blocked sunlight. I could turn my head up and look and look and look just to catch the top of the building. New York is a very cosmopolitan city. I could hear millions of foreign languages spoken wherever I went to. It was amazing, a true international city. I also loved shopping there. I found very good bargains. Talking about bargains, the Chinatown and Little Italy were amazing. The food was outrageous. I probably gained weight in 5 days I was in New York.

My next stop was Los Angeles. Southern California is a natural beauty. Seeing the Pacific Ocean and the breathtaking beaches (we drove along the coastline to San Francisco). Pacific Coast highway is a very scenic route. I recommend everyone to take it. Drive on that road as long as you can. It will amaze you.

Los Angeles was as I expected. I'm not too crazy about seeing movie stars or anything, but Los Angeles is still a nice city to visit. Weather is nice, beaches are great and there is a lot to see if you are in to the movies.

San Francisco impressed me more than Los Angeles. It is a very characteristic city. I believe there is no other city like it. The roads in the city are all huge hills. I was scared to drive on some of them! San Francisco has a nice Wisherman's Wharf by the sea. You can see the seals on the pier. It is very cute. I have seen them lying on the piers and shore in Los Angeles as well. They are really cute and they make strange sounds. San Francisco also had an amazing Chinatown I should mention. If you like Chinese food, you shouldn't miss it.

I loved the flowers around the houses and buildings in California. I think the weather is so beautiful, Californians can have flowers all year around. How lucky!

Even though I had some good bargains shopping, San Francisco and New York can be a bit expensive if your home country is not an expensive one. I stayed with my friends/their families all through my trip so I can't really give you advise on how much the hotels cost. But I think everyone would agree with me when it comes to shopping, especially the American brand clothes and shoes!

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