Monday, December 18, 2006

Reading to children

As Christmas approaches, I remember the days when we were stuck indoors most of the day. The best activity to occupy the children was to read books. Thankfully, all children I looked after loved books as much as I do. Parents had a ton of books for us to read and look through on these cold winter days. Even the babies love colorful books with interesting shapes. I could tell how much they liked them by their facial expressions as I turned a new page.

I think reading and books should be a big part of every child's life. Adults raise good readers by surrounding the kids with books and reading them out loud. Older children can understand stories and I always ask questions about the books I read to the kids. It is wonderful to see they get something out of the stories and learn to concentrate. Their imagination improves by each story and one day they surprise you by showing how much they learn from books. I spend a lot of time reading to my nieces as well. My youngest niece bring me her favorite book whenever I visit. It's so cute. It's rewarding to see them absurb so much information at such young age.

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