Friday, August 10, 2007

How to protect yourself from the Internet scammers

With the growth of the Internet certain problems arise for people who try to use it for legitimate reasons. I found my jobs through the Internet and didn't have problems with the scammers back then. Now I receive scam mails everyday. Although they are easy to spot, I think some people still have a hard time distinguishing them as the scams get more sophisticated.

My first advise is to not to get into a financial transaction with anyone you met on the Internet. If someone is trying to get you to send them money posing as a travel agency or host family at the end, chances are they are scammers. They may be very convincing, but these people usually ask you to send money, hundred or thousands of dollars, via western union or bank transfer.

Legitimate families do not ask for money to do your paperwork or refer you to their "travel agency". Travel agencies do not even deal with au pair visas as far as I know.

Make sure to talk to the family on the phone more than once and check their answers to your questions. Make sure there are no disperancies. Ask for the pictures of the family, house and the surrounding area. Be a detective and investigate everything before you take the job.

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