Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer time

I love summer, it's my favorite season of the year and I would love to live in a place where there is no winter and cold weather. When I think of summer the first thing that comes to my mind is the beach. Unfortunately I usually live far away from the beach and I have to settle with a nice pool.

When the summer comes around and if I am in charge of young children, I can't help but feel little scared around the water. After all, it's a pretty tough job to watch the kids around the pool. There is too much excitement, everybody is running around and usually there are tons of children jumping in and out of the pool.

If I am taking care of young children I hold them in the baby pool or in the shallow end of the pool. When there are two children it may get little hairy to constantly watch one child and hold a baby in your arms. With the young children I don't go to the pool alone. It is not realistic to think that you are young and can handle two young children around water. I never do anything I don't feel totally comfortable with the children. This is especially true around a swimming pool.

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