Monday, December 01, 2008

Au pair in America

I had some friends who were au pairs in America. We share stories to compare differences between cultures and life in various countries. Some surprising things for me to hear about US were long working hours of parents (therefore their au pairs) and transportation.

Obviously people in the US work longer hours, most of them even over 40 hours a week. Adding the traffic and commute to this, average au pair works full 45 hours a week which is the maximum au pair work hours per US au pair program. Most parents just have enough time to their kids to bed during the work week or maybe have a family dinner together.

Keep in mind that majority of families live in the suburbs far away from the cities. Public transportation doesn't exist anywhere outside of big cities. Therefore, being a good driver is a must if you will not be living right in the heart of the city. Driving is easy and comfortable as people are very good at obeying the traffic rules. However, highway driving can take some getting used to for some.

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Anonymous said...

I was an au pair in the US two years ago and I couldn't believe the lack of public transportation in the suburbs. I had to drive to get everywhere. Good point and information Jana!