Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas this year

Worldwide economic crises has made this Christmas little sour for most people. Even though Christmas presents became a part of the Christmas tradition, I read about people losing their jobs and having a hard time getting presents for their children all the time. It is sad but Christmas is no about material things. My favorite thing about Christmas is to be able to spend more time with my family and friends.

I remember wondering what I should get my host family for Christmas. Au pair pocket money being small, it is not easy for most of au pairs to ge gifts for the entire family. I used to get something small but thoughtful for each member of the family as I knew there was going to be a gift exchange and I couldn't be empty-handed even though I was like the oldest child of the family. Books are my favorite gifts for the children and they are always affordable. Also new books always gave me something new to read the children. Believe it or not parents can't always keep up with the children's books and you may end up reading the same book million time before you find your way to the library.

Host families always been generous with Christmas and birthday gifts to me. I tried to hold on to their gifts as long as I can. I remember wearing a winter jacket until it got ripped and couldn't wear it any longer. Families always knew I couldn't get expensive gifts for them, but I guess they were happy as long as I loved the children and took good care of them. This is the best gift you can give the parents.

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