Sunday, December 21, 2008

Making friends

The best way to cope with homesickness during my au pair stays was to make friends. Other au pairs are your best choice when it comes to dealing with problems such as homesickness. They are in the same situation as you and they are living in a different country away from their family and friends. You already have tons of things in common not to mention you can learn about other cultures as well as the country you are in now. I instantly feel the connection with my fellow au pairs and make as many friends as I can. I even keep in touch with several of them thanks to the Internet.

Taking care of children all day is a hard work and even the parents need a break sometimes. For me, going out with my au pair friends was one of the best parts of my free time. Exploring a new country with friends is a wonderful way of learning. Sharing our experiences and cultural differences over a cup of coffee or slice of pizza was a must-do for me every week. I recommend it to any au pair who wants to take full advantage of this experience.


Anonymous said...

You should post a comment on

A few articles ago they discussed au pair versus nanny and I don't think any au pairs responded.

Also, do au pairs get christmas bonuses?

Anonymous said...

Traditionally, au pairs don't get Christmas bonuses. I understand why nannies do though. Au pairs are considered part of the family versus nannies are considered as employees.