Thursday, December 11, 2008

US or UK?

Most of us love children dearly and find the au pair job easy and fun to do. Young au pairs have goals to achieve during their visit such as learning or mastering their language skills. Most of us take many courses in English to be ready or have a basic understanding in our home country. I have discussed many times the topic of where to go to learn English. Two countries are the subject of discussion: UK and US. Even though English is spoken in both countries and one can master English in any of these countries, I gathered some information to compare the pros and cons of both.

UK is a great choice for any au pair to learn English. It is close to many countries in Europe, there are many language schools where most host families live. I personally know and met several au pairs who could get to the school on their own without driving.

The situation might be little different in the US as I hear most classes are held in the universities. Arrangement of time and transportation might not be as convenient as in the UK. There may not be a university close by where host family lives, which is usually the suburbs. We also discussed suburbs being far out to the cities or towns and driving is a must if you live in one.

My conclusion is that many of us find the US very exciting place to go. However, if you need to take language classes you need to locate one before you go and figure out how you will go back and forth between the classes and the house you live in. As Americans work long hours, do not rely on anyone driving you to the school unless prior arrangement is made between you and the person.

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