Friday, January 09, 2009

Difference between nanny and au pair

Nannies are professional childcare workers with substantial childcare experience compared to au pairs. Nanny is considered an employee of the family while au pair is considered a part of the family. Au pairs do receive a pocket money no matter which country they work at while nannies receive a salary which sometimes they may have to live on, in the case of live-out nannies. Live-out nannies go to work, children's home, during their set work hours and get paid by hour usually. Their wage vary by the location and the scope of their duties.

For example, in the US au pairs currently receive around 180 dollars weekly and they don't pay taxes. However, the host families pay more fees to the agencies to cover other expenses. Au pairs in the US report that the pocket money is sufficient for their expenses since they don't have to buy food or pay rent. Basically, this money is paid for au pairs to do sightseeing or shop. At the end of the year some of my friends who could save money were able to have a vacation in other parts of the US.


Anonymous said...

I was an au pair in Italy couple years ago. It was only for the summer. I didn't really care much how much I got paid as long as it kept me going without asking my parents for money. I had free food and a nice room. My host family was nice enough to invite to their weekend trips. I got to see most of Italy, I wish I could be there now :)

Anonymous said...

I am trying to figure out an agency to go through. Hearing that you enjoyed your time in Italy, where I would like to go, I was wondering if you would share the agency you used or how you managed to find your family!