Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hard part of au pair work

Even though most of us enjoy being away from our parent's house for a while, traveling, learning new things, meeting new people, there are things we miss or find it little hard to deal with. Being an au pair is not all about fun and games. You got to take good care of your charges, make sure they are safe and sound. Of course taking care of children is not the easiest thing in the world. Most people assume au pairs literally watch children with their eyes without moving from a couch. Children need much attention, especially the infants and toddlers. I am sure most au pairs who took care of young children share my view but I don't really feel comfortable turning my back to the young one even for a minute, of course unless they are in a safe place like their cribs. Children's development at the young age is also very important for their future life. We get to spend considerable time with them. I always wonder how my time with them effects their development and their future. So far, I have been told by parents that I love children and I do a great job with them. But there is always room for improvement!

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