Saturday, January 17, 2009

Travel expenses

There is no set rule about the travel expenses of the au pairs. Some countries may already have rules such as USA where you have to use an agency to get there. In this case, au pair gives a deposit that covers her airfare, but she gets it back when she successfully completes the program and goes back to her home country. We can say that she eventually gets her airfare back from the agency. I am pretty sure the agency already builds in this expense to the host family. They pay a hefty fee like $5000 to start with the program. But most people say that the cost of having an au pair in the US is very reasonable compared to the other options like nanny or daycare.

In Europe, there are also au pair agencies which some people use where the travel arrangements can be made by them. In the case of going to Europe on your own, families would ask you to buy your own ticket. Most of them gladly reimburse the cost over a year by paying extra each month to the au pair. Even though most au pairs have trouble coming up with the money to purchase tickets upfront, it is better than not getting anything back. Most families realise it is not easy to come up for the money for most au pairs, they want to make sure that the au pair is serious and she showed some effort to be there. Sending a ticket to someone they don't know is not exactly the smart way to deal with it especially if they don't know the au pair.

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