Monday, February 23, 2009

How to change host family in the US

Changing host families while in the US should be done through the agency au pair is working with. Only the government approved au pair agencies can help you change families. They find the new family which is also a member of the agency. They introduce and help the au pair move to the new host family's house. If the agency does not make these arrangements, au pair will be breaking the immigration laws and may not be able to enter the US again. US has certain rules that apply to au pair visas and do not let them do whatever they like once they are in the country.

These agencies also have local coordinators who help the au pairs when they have problems with the host families. If you have a problem with your current host family, you should contact your local coordinator to help you with the situation. They know the legal procedure and can be very helpful when needed.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Flexible hours

Being an au pair is not for everybody. It takes certain characteristics to make the au pair adventure work for both parties. Families hire an au pair like having live-in childcare as these parents usually work long hours. That doesn't mean au pair should work constantly or irregular hours. However, an ideal au pair for such parents is flexible and willing to help out a busy household. Au pair should expect the same from the family as well, especially if she is trying to take classes and improve herself. It's a give and take relationship and may require some compramises.

Some au pairs are concerned that they are taken advantage of. If this is the case, you should expect some flexibility when it comes to your needs and plans.