Friday, July 10, 2009

How to screen families

Finding a good family is every au pair candidates first concern. Many of us refer to the various au pair web sites nowadays to find families because it is fast and easy thanks to the easy Internet access most of the world is enjoying. I found my families at and I was lucky enough to be matched with great families.

There are still some precautions to take during the interview process to make sure the family is who they say they are. My personal favorite is to ask the family to send a family photo holding a big piece of paper with my written on it. I also like to do the interviews via my webcam after emailing each other couple of times. Webcams are so popular and there free services such as msn and skype where everyone with a webcam and internet connection can do a live interview.

There are scammers on the internet and we need to protect ourselves. You are the first person to make sure that you protect yourself.


Talya said...

I would say that a great way to avoid getting a bad family is to go through an au pair agency. Of course, not every au pair and host family connected through an agency are a match made in heaven, but at least with an agency, au pairs have the security of having professionals whose job it is to ensure that both the au pair and the host family are satisfied with the experience.

Pat Gendron said...

Thanks a lot for the post!
I'm actualy looking for being a Aupair for the summer and I found really Hard to find and know how it's safe! You're post help me a lot Thanks